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Birdie Glow Scooter - Twilight Purple Lo
Birdie Glow Scooter - Twilight Purple Lo

Birdie Glow Scooter - Twilight Purple Lo

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Scooter – Birdie Dove White by Bird. The coolest scooter around!

A built-for-kids scooter, made by parents, inspired by the kid in all of us.

High-quality materials and intuitive construction make Birdie a long-term addition to everyday play, from the aircraft-grade aluminium handlebar to the fibre-reinforced nylon deck.

With a lean-to-steer frame and ultra-wide, three-wheel design, Birdie is easy to control. Moving left or right is as simple as shifting body weight – providing more stability, enhanced balance, and improved coordination. The reliable stomp brake helps riders stop quickly and safely, whilst the non-slip ergonomic grips provide better handling for smaller hands.

The wheels are almost twice as wide as other industry-leading brands. Birdie‘s ultra-wide wheels offer added comfort, safety, and stability when manoeuvring those tricky bumps and corners!

Birdie has a fibre reinforced footboard that is commonly used in aerospace and automotive industries and offers a lightweight solution with high tensile strength. Birdie’s fibre-reinforced footboard allows for a safe and stable ride. Designed to be ultra-wide, the Birdie comfortably accommodates kids up to a recommended maximum weight of 50 kg.

Prized for its lightweight nature, industrial-grade strength, and resistance to corrosion, aircraft-grade aluminium is used throughout the Birdie’s T-handlebar. Because sometimes regular aluminium just doesn't make the cut.

The height-adjustable T-bar makes it easy for your little rider to keep flying, year after year. Move the handlebar to a height that works for now, then adjust as they grow. For the adventures to come.

Rider Ready

Soft ergonomic grips and a steering system that’s designed to be simple make this a great scooter for riders of all levels.

Suitable from age 3+

Key Features

  • Scooter – Birdie Dove White
  • Includes a scooter with non-slip grip, durable design and frame, ultra-wide footboards and wheels, lean-to-steer design, three wheels for increased stability, reliable stomp brakes and a height-adjustable T-bar
  • The maximum weight capacity is 50 kg
  • Develops balance, control, confidence and gross-motor skills
  • All pieces are coated with environmentally-friendly paint
  • Beautifully designed in California
  • Complies with rigorous EN-71 & ASTM safety standards

Looking for gift ideas? The Scooter – Birdie Dove White is the perfect gift for children between 3 and 8 years old Ideal for birthdays, special occasions or simply as a surprise gift.


Steel frame / Rubber types


Measurements: Length 59.5 x Width 31.8 cm

Handlebar height: 93.6 – 69.4 cm

Footplate: Widest at 14 cm narrowing to 12 cm at the back brake


  • Use warm soapy water to clean any dirt off.
  • Do not use alcohol or cleaning agents on Birdie