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Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay
Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay
Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay
Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay
Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay

Rainbow Rise - Pink Clay

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Our Magnificent Play Mat adds an air of sophistication to any baby room or playroom, featuring 6 interlocking tiles that fit together for an ultimate play experience. The sleek design creates an inviting aesthetic and ensures a fun and safe environment for your little one to explore.

  • The safe, ultra-cushioned surface promotes milestones like tummy time, crawling and beyond
  • Absorbs impact of falls, trips and toys
  • Rolls up and tucks away in seconds
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Noise and shock absorbing
    Provides insulation from cold floors
  • Dimensions:
  • 180cm x 120cm x 1.2cm (6 tiles)
  • 180cm x 240cm x 1.2cm (12 tiles) depending how you assemble
  • Hypoallergenic, waterproof, anti-bacterial and odourless
  • Non-Toxic and free from latex, BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde
  • Durable, water resistant outer coating
  • High quality EVA foam with a waterproof thick protective film layer on top.
  • The mat is made from EVA foam which allows for cushioning however this does mean the mat can puncture from sharp objects, heavy pressure and pet claws.
  • The print is surface printed into a 'colour' film and could fade and peel over time. (Unfortunately we can't give you the exact time line as it depends on your use)
  • Rubbing over the printed area vigorously will rub off the pattern.
  • Animal claws can puncture the surface of the play mat
  • Sharp objects and furniture will cause damage and indentations
  • Rough play with pressure on the mat could cause it to tear
  • Play mat could change in colour over time due to sunlight exposure (indirect sunlight could cause this.)
  • Avoid leaving your play mat in sunlight for extended periods or on hot surfaces, including heaters where the mats are in direct contact with heat.
  • Placing furniture on the mat may leave permanent indentations.
  • Not designed for animals, be sure to keep them off.
  • Keep away from sharp objects such as scissors, high heels, chair legs or like items that could puncture the mats surface
  • Not recommended for use with ink pens.
  • Cleaning of the play mat:Gently wipe the mat with a diluted non-abrasive soap and water mixture. To disinfect your mat from time to time, use a white spirit vinegar and water mixture to disinfect your mat. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or alcohol-based products that could damage the mat. Dry completely before walking on the mat.
  • Do not soak, submerge or hose down. Do not leave in the rain!
  • If using your play mat for 'messy' play such as water based paints and play dough immediately clean mat after use with mild detergent to prevent stains.
  • If a puncture or tear occurs the play mat is no longer suitable for messy or water play. Take care when cleaning around the tear. Do not allow water to soak in.