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10 Tips to Create the Perfect Registry

Are you ready to create your baby gift registry? 

How exciting! And yes, a little overwhelming too. We get it! This is why we’ve made things a little easier with our 10 top tips to help you create the perfect baby gift registry. 

1. Practical before pretty. First, think about the practical items you need. Especially if this is your first baby. The nursery isn’t going to create itself. Babies need practical items, like a change mat, a cot bumper, swaddles, a carrier, blankets and so on. Those practical items should find their way onto your registry to help you get organised before the baby arrives. 

2. Bring on the pretty! Now for the fun things! Think about the cutesy things you want to add. The decorative pieces, the toys, the cute little outfits. Try to find a balance between the practical and the nice-to-haves so that you’re giving your friends and relatives both options to choose from. 

3. Date night it. Add products together with your partner so that you both understand what you need and what to expect. It’s also a great way to read up about some of the items and brands you might not have been aware of beforehand. Deciding together is a beautiful way to bond over the baby before the baby arrives, and gives you both something special to do as a couple. 

    4. Spend time with your registry. Make sure to start creating your registry within good time. You don’t want to rush the process of creating one. Take your time to scroll through our website of beautiful brands and products to make sure you haven’t missed something you might really like to have. You can add items over time, and edit your list easily. We recommend registering two months before your baby shower. If you need any help finding a product to add, let us know and we’ll help you. 
      5. Update your registry anytime you want to. We’re constantly updating our products and we do our best to restock out-of-stock items quickly. Check on your registry and make sure you’re including the items that might not have been there when you originally created yours. If your items sell quickly, you can always add more to allow other guests the opportunity to still buy using your registry. Remember, you can update your registry anytime once it is active. 
        6. Price it right. Think about the price range of your selected items. You can add a few big-ticket items for the friends and family who can afford to spoil you with those but be mindful to include items that offer a varying price point. It’s important to think about the price range you’re giving your guests so that everyone feels comfortable enough to spoil you with a happy heart. 
          7. The more the merrier. There is nothing more disheartening than opening up a gift registry to see that all the items you wish to buy have already been bought and now you’re left choosing from the ‘leftover’ items.  It’s better to have a lot of options for your guests to choose from than to have too few options. So make sure to add a happy amount of items to your registry. It won’t guarantee that you’ll get it all, but it will guarantee that your friends and family will have a comfortable and exciting range to choose from. 
            8. Take note of delivery notices. Make sure you’re familiar with all the lead times to avoid any disappointments. While we always do our best to ensure that your items are delivered within record timing, some of the brands require a longer lead time for manufacturing. Make sure you’ve read about these so that you’re not feeling let down by an item arriving later than you had anticipated. 
              9. Have fun with it! This is a beautiful time in your life, with so much excitement leading up to the baby’s arrival. Have fun with your registry and make sure to remember that we’re here to help you however we can. 
                10. Share your registry! The notion of registries being a ‘forward’ approach is long gone. Having a registry is very common these days, and over time, we’ve seen that friends and family really want to get you the things that you want. You’re helping them by showing them. So feel free to share your registry and let them know it is open. If they have any concerns or trouble, they can contact us and we will assist them. 

                  Create your registry, or check on your registry. If you need us, you can contact us and we’ll happily help you with your registry. 

                  The Wee Love Team.