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Young Living Essential Oils for Children

Young Living Essential Oils have become a popular option as a natural health and wellness aid for parents in South Africa. Young Living is well-known worldwide for being the leaders in pure Essential Oils and we recently launched them in South Africa, making it easy for anyone to now purchase and use them.

Quality over quantity

One of the main questions we get when it comes to our oils, is what makes them different from basic shop bought oils and why do they cost more. The answer to this is in the purity and organic standards of growing the plants. Young Living Essential Oils are strictly grown and produced in a chemical free, organic and sustainable method. Making sure that everything from the seed used, the plant, to the soil they are grown in are all chemical free and of highest standards.

This is important to produce an end result of Therapeutic-Grade essential oils that actually deliver health and wellness results. When you purchase a bottle, you can be sure that the contents thereof are 100% pure plant and they do not contain any chemicals or preservatives, and are not diluted or bulked up by fragrances and fillers. A little goes a long way, with the best results!

Basic Oil Usage For Children

The use of Essential Oils as a health remedy, dates back to the Bible. Modern day medicine originated from the use of herbs and plants and was then modified with the introduction of chemical additives as the years went on.

These days we see an increase in parents who are going back to natural products as a treatment method and support for the immune system and general health and wellness.

Young Living Essential Oils gives you the ability to use oils as a Natural health alternative and target specific problems. Many parents report a more enjoyable wellness routine because of this non invasive way of wellness treatment for little ones. Paired with one of Young Livings top quality ultrasonic diffusers,  the result is a perfect natural first aid kit for your family.

There are two main ways of using Essential Oils for children:

 Diffusers – Aromatherapy

 The first and most popular is diffusing. This is When you add around 5 to 6 drops of your chosen oil to your diffuser filled with water. The ultrasonic diffuser breaks the oil up into micro particles that are then diffused into the air with the water vapor, allowing you to breath in the oil particles so that they can enter your body and assist with the particular ailment. This is common for stuffy noses, sinus, flu symptoms, immune boosting, sleep aid, mosquito repellent and much much more. The uses and treatments are endless.

Topical application

The second method that is recommended is Topical application. This is when you apply oils to the skin so that they can quickly enter the body and get to work fast. I always recommend using Topical application in combination with diffusing for the best results. As well as using it in a good daily routine.

Remember , just like over the counter wellness products, the oils need to he used in a daily routine when targeting a specific problem, to get the best results. You can not use it once and expect miracles.

When applying your oils to skin, remember to always dilute first! Some Essential oils are “hot oils ” , meaning that they can burn and damage skin if not diluted first. You can easily dilute your oils with carrier oils such as coconut oil, jojoba, grape seed, olive.

2% Dilution rate is recommended for children, bath and whole body products, and is great for regular daily use of an oil. For every 10 ml carrier = 6 drops EO.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Little ones

With so many oils available, it can be hard to determine which essential oil to use for which ailments and to invest in. I always advise asking the sales person and consultant whom you purchase from. As they should guide you in the right direction and be available for ongoing usage and safety support. if you are thinking of getting into oils and have any questions or require a price list, then you can email .

Here is a quick rundown of five of the most popular oils for children:


Well know as the “Swiss army knife” of Oils, because of its vast range of use! We highly recommend that you always have a bottle of Lavender at home. Uses include skincare, Sleep support , Calming, stress reduction, sunburn, stings and itchy skin.


When you hear the word eucalyptus, you immediately associate it with better breathing. This is the most popular oil for use when it comes to stuffy noses and assisting with Respiratory function. When Inhaled, it can relieve headaches tension, colds and coughs. It is also great for assisting with join and muscle pain.


Cedarwood is in my opinion, highly underrated! It is such an amazing oil for little ones because it can both assist with helping with concentration and also with sleep! It works wonders for the brain. This is a great option for bedtime routine and for hyperactive little ones that struggle to sit still and concentrate. Cedarwood is also great for hair growth.


Well known as a mosquito and insect repellent, you can't go wrong with diffusing this at night for your little ones! Can also be applied to skin for added protection. Citronella is also a great Deodorizer, assists with muscle and nerve pain


Thieves is the Famous Immune defence and support blend! Recommended for use from 3 months on with strict Dilution for skin application due to it being a hot oil blend. Great for Assisting with symptoms of colds and flu and supporting immune system.

Young Living now has over 65 Essential oils available in South Africa,  as well as a range of natural cleaning products, supplements, Facial care, soaps and 5 different diffuser options. You are sure to find a product that will work for you.